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Read any e-book from your Android device


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FBReader is an e-book reader that lets you download virtually any e-book format currently available, including epub, rtf, doc, html, fb2, mobi, and plain-text documents.

One element that differentiates FBReader from other applications of this type is the simplicity of its interface, which lets you start reading any digital book on your device's memory in a matter of seconds. You can also change the font, choosing the type and size, with just a few screen gestures.

By default, FBReader runs in full screen, but by touching the center of the screen you can display all the app options, including the ability to change the background or even download free books in several languages.

FBReader is a simple and powerful reading app, thanks to which you can turn your Android device into a powerful e-book reader. Especially useful, of course, for those who have tablets and mobile phones with relatively large screens.